Theme Details
Wordpress keeps growing and groowing! This new theme is called Straight and was made as an alternative for clients looking for a portfolio theme.Talking about design, Straight theme has a responsive and fluid aspect which looks great and offers a very interesting solution..The responsive aspect of this theme is key as nowadays most themes need to be able to display correctly in many different devices. Straight will automatically adjust itself to the resolution of the device it is being shows to display the best option for the viewer.


As with most (if not all) of the new Wordpress Themes out there, Straight offers the possibility to add widgets to your pages which will help you create awesome layouts full of rich content just by drag and dropping.

Pricing Table

If what you need is to showcase different prices for your products, then the pricing table shortcode of the Straight theme is ideal for you as it will let you do that really easily. The final result is great and you will be able to attract new customers with just the click of a button.


Since Wordpress 2.5 most of the premium wordpress themes offer the possibility of adding shortcodes to pages in order to create rich content. Straight is not the exception and will let you use tons of creative shortcodes into your own pages in order to offer a rich experience to your theme users.

Translation Ready

The Straight theme is ready to be translated to any language you might need with a simple interface. You don't need to create new versions of the theme for this to happen. You just create the translation from the backend and you are good to go.

HTML5 Compilant

HTML5 is the standard nowadays but still many themes are not HTML5 compilant or do not make use of the benefits of it. Well all that is not the case with the Straight theme which makes good use of the latest web technologies to provide users with a great experience.
If you are wondering if the Straight theme can be integrated with twitter, the short answer is YES. As with most themes nowadays, Straight offers the possibility sync your Twitter account.